About Me

I'm a successful inventor, a mum of three and now a grandma too!  If I had to describe myself in three words I'd say I am small (very small), cuddly but also pretty tough. (It’s been known for grown men to think I’m scary.)

Mandy Haberman
I’m best known for the world’s first totally non-spill toddler cup – the iconic Anywayup cup - which grabbed 40 per cent market share shortly after it was launched and went on to revolutionise the nursery industry worldwide……… and also for my pink hair!

I’ve been called the “mother of invention” by many, as my inventing career started out of necessity when my daughter Emily was born with Stickler Syndrome and was unable to feed in the normal way. 

I’m also known for:

  • Successfully finding my way through the patent system and actually making money from my inventions!
  • Standing up for my rights when massive organisations tried to copy my ideas.
  • Intellectual property rights reform campaigning.
  • Encouraging other mums to turn their ideas into reality and be successful too.
  • Appreciating the importance of good design (I trained as a graphic designer).
  • Helping other mums with babies who have feeding difficulties.
  • Continually striving to revolutionise the world of infant feeding (watch this space!)


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