Digital Copyright: The End of an Era

by Dr Martin Kretschmer. Reader in Intellectual Property; Joint Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management, Bournemouth University ( Visiting Professorial Fellow, Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, University of London.

The Enforcement of Patent Rights

Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (IPAC)

Inventors' Lament

Patent enforcement for SMEs and long inventors - a system failure.


A Dream Come True, or our worst nightmare? One Patentee’s Personal View

The Anywayup Cup

Article by Paul Cole (Fellow), CIPA. This is the story of Mandy Haberman, a successful individual inventor, how she came to make her invention, what the reaction of the industry initially was, and how she triumphed in the marketplace and in the UK High Court. Article first published in the CIPA Journal 2005.

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