Anywayup Cup

The award-winning, Anywayup Cup I invented comes in three models - the Anywayup Cup, Anywayup Beaker and the Smiley Cup. They all have a unique, Anywayup patented valve, which is moulded into the mouthpiece to ensure that the spout seals between sips - so absolutely no spills. 

Shake, Rattle & Roll! The Anywayup Cup
1. Take a few sucks;
2. Turn it upside down;
3. Give it a good shake;
4. Look - no spills. Other cups will!

Anywayup No Spills Cup


Why is the Anywayup cup the first (and best) no-spills cup in the world?
Section through the spout showing the Anywayup valveUnlike other cups, the Anywayup Cup has no gap above the valve in which drips can lurk (the pic on the left is a section through the spout showing the Anywayup valve).  Because drink only flows when your child drinks, the risk of tooth decay from comfort sucking is avoided.

The Anywayup Cup is for 9 months+ described by Nick Coleman from the Independent as "small with two symmetrical handles, which is ideal for weeny ones."

Anywayup TumbleyThe Beaker is for one year olds +.  It has a "One piece  lid - no fiddly bits to assemble and clean. No straws or dirt traps."

Anywayup Smiley CupThe Smiley cup has a specially designed travel lid that ensures the spout is kept clean when not in use and doubles as a handy bowl for finger foods. assessed the Smiley cup as "Definitely a no-spills cup which works well. Fairly priced for a practical cup, which has been well thought through and has some useful added features." These include the easy to use screw-on lid, with "smile line" which ensures correct dilution of juice and the ergonomic handles that encourage the correct drinking position, endorsed by the Health Education Authority. The Smiley cup is intended for infants 6 months+ but its funky design makes it popular with all ages.

My non-spill cups incorporating slit-valve technology were named a Millennium Product in 2000 and have won numerous awards, the most notable of which include:

  • The Tommy Award for the Most Parent Friendly Innovative Product (1999 & 2000)

  • Best Product Design (Consumer) at the UK's Design Industry Awards 2000

  • The overall 3M Award for Innovation at the Design Effectiveness Awards 2000

  • The British Plastics Federation Award for innovative use of plastics.

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