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Sometime around the year 1610 tinsel was invented. It was made from tiny threads of real silver. My goodness what a long way we’ve come in the 400 years since the decadence of being able to drape a Chistmas tree in precious metal. Nowadays it seems we can buy enough tinsel from the local pound shop to adorn an entire Lapland forest!

New products are often exorbitant in expense, but over time, and in the face of innovative competition, inventions become more affordable, or at least interchangeable with a cheaper alternative. As the final days of pre-Christmas preparation dwindle, and panic-stricken shoppers splash out on the promise of a loved-one’s delight, I’m offering you a few ideas from this year’s most inventive new products to add to your gift list.

1. For babies and new parents – not your average baby bouncer!


ScreenHunter_52 Dec. 17 17.10.jpgAt around £160 the Mamaroo baby seat is an investment, but in terms of promises, it makes a fair few that new parents would find very seductive. It has actually been in shops for a couple of years now, but with recent improvements it now boasts 5 speed settings, built-in nature sounds, a port to connect an MP3 player, and a seat which reclines to any position your baby needs. Add to that 5 different motion-types and you’re looking at the next best thing to an actual parent, apparently!


I have mentioned previously how much I despise baby products that claim to dispense with the need for a parent, however we all know the back-breaking fatigue which comes from hours of rocking a fretful baby. However, given the positive reviews I’ve seen of this seat, I can well imagine this to be a gratefully-received present if you have the cash – assuming, of course, that your baby likes the car, doesn’t mind the odd jump, isn’t afraid of heights, enjoys being rocked, and doesn’t get sea-sick!

2. For young adults – if you have an endless supply of cash:


ScreenHunter_54 Dec. 17 17.11.jpgTech-genius Mashable lists the AR.Drone 2.0 iPad-controlled flying camera in its top 5 gadget innovations of 2012. With live video-streaming to your iPad as you fly it, and a range of 50 meters, this ultimate remote-controlled flying toy is guaranteed to put a smile on even the most grumpy and taciturn teenager. But it will cost you: personally, I think the £250 it will set you back would require a chore: cheerfulness ratio not seen in the average adolescent. However, if your own gadget junkie is not overly preoccupied with spying on the neighbours with the inbuilt camera, you could get a spitting-image substitute for just £50 in the much less high-spec Quadcopter.

 3. For a tech-geek:

Source: Amazon

ScreenHunter_55 Dec. 17 17.11.jpgNot a Blackberry, but a Raspberry! The Raspberry Pi, to be specific. Originally created as a fun way for children to learn about computer programming, this tiny computer has quickly been adopted for a variety of purposes, with Amazon reviewers using it as “a fun mini-desktop” and “a home theatre PC.”   Costing £35, this credit-card sized gadget seems like a great gift for anyone who enjoys computers, and with the added educational opportunities of coding and hardware hacking, a good option for the aspiring tech-guru.

4. A gift for kids you can play with once they’re in bed!


ScreenHunter_56 Dec. 17 17.11.jpgThe Kids Kurio has attracted a lot of attention this year from retailers and parent bloggers alike. Billed as the “ultimate android tablet for families,” the Kurio comes pre-loaded with all the most popular gaming apps, and early reading e-books. Each family member has their own login details, which can be pre-set with time limits – so no more arguing about screen-time! Best of all, once the kids are in bed, whip off the protective day-glow cover, and it transforms into a tablet any elegant adult would be proud of. Then all you have to do is set yourself a time-limit!

5. Apps for everyone:

If you’re short on cash or available shopping time, you could check out the app store, where you will find an app to satisfy every personality type in your life. Try Star Walk if you’re a fan of the night sky – point it at the ground and it will even show you which constellations are hovering above your neighbours down under! Flipboard is a news aggregator which brings together all your favourite news sources in an iPad magazine format. You’ll never buy another newspaper! There is even an app which charges you money for not going to the gym, and rewards you when you do: Gym-Pact could be the perfect gift to give alongside a gym subscription for the New Year.

Source: Amazon

ScreenHunter_57 Dec. 17 17.11.jpgI will leave you with a little festive fun. You know how difficult it is to answer your phone on these icy mornings, fingers numb with cold, or heavily wrapped and zipped into gloves? Well I have the answer to all your problems. With the Bluetooth glove you simply press a button on your wrist to answer, and make the cheesy finger-thumb hand gesture. Problem solved – as long you don’t mind the odd snigger from your fellow shoppers.

And if you’re still stuck for ideas, there’s always the Christmas sweater…

Merry Christmas!

Mandy xx

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