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Are UK Universities letting students down? IPAN Research survey published

8 Aug 2016

Students demand better understanding about intellectual property (IP) and how it impacts them, as evidenced in IPAN research report: “University IP policy – perception and practice”

European Inventor Award 2016

5 Apr 2016

Mandy Haberman is on the jury at this year's European Inventor Award taking place in Lisbon, Portugal.

Mandy Haberman appointed to IP Office Steering Board

6 Nov 2015

Mandy Haberman has been appointed non-executive of the Steering Board of the UK Intellectual Property Office. Mandy is a keen advocate of the importance of IP rights and raising awareness, educating and campaigning to help make IPR more accessible for SMEs and individuals.

Upcoming events

12 Oct 2015

Inventor and founder of Haberman, Mandy Haberman, is involved in the some high profile events in support of inventing, enterprise and IP protection during the coming months.

The Guild of Entrepreneurs welcomes Mandy Haberman

17 Jul 2015

The Guild of Entrepreneurs welcomed seven new Freemen including inventor and founder of Haberman, Mandy Haberman, at a White Tie Banquet at the Mansion House on 25 June, 2015.

IP Watch

G-Finder Report: Global Funding For R&D In Neglected Diseases Increasing, Overreliance On US Funding Dangerous

13 Dec 2017
A report released today on global funding of research and development for neglected diseases found...

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