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Federation of Small Business IP event

13 Oct 2021

Business owner and inventor Mandy Haberman discusses the hidden value of intellectual property to business and how she unlocked it, at a Federation of Small Business event.

Using IP To Help Your Business Grow

26 Jul 2021

Mandy Haberman discusses with intellectual property attorneys Murgitroyd, how she has used Intellectual Property to help her businesses grow. 

European Inventor Award 2021

9 May 2021

The European Inventor Award 2021 will take place on 17 June 2021 at 19.00 hrs (CEST) and will be entirely digital. It marks a significant milestone in the 15-year history of the event which promotes IPR and how they can drive innovation.


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I've been around the litigation block a few times and can talk (and walk) around any hot-spots in the intellectual property rights arena, or advise on how best to bring an invention to market.

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