I am thrilled to announce that Haberman has scooped two product awards for the Suckle Feeder and Anywayup Cow Cup. They have both been named as 2020 Right Start Best Baby Essentials award winners.

The Suckle Feeder has received a Bronze award in the Pregnancy category and the characterful Anywayup Cow Cup has been Highly Commended in the Out and About category. 

Suckle Feeder angled 995kb Cow cup
RS Winner logo 2020 BRONZE 4 RS Winner logo 2020 HC 2

I invented the Suckle Feeder to encourage and prolong breastfeeding and provide a better alternative for those who bottle-feed.  It supports responsive, baby-led feeding and natural pausing, reduces gas, colic and reflux and eliminates guzzling and overfeeding for better weight control.  It’s really pleasing to receive this award. 

Since its launch, the Suckle Feeder has been endorsed by parents and experts worldwide and has now received 20 prestigious industry awards.  It continues to be a firm favourite for combination feeding mums. One comment I received was from Kate, a breast and bottle-feeding mum. I think she says it as it is beautifully: "I bought one of these today. It's amazing. Works just like a boob. My baby took to this straight away without spilling a single drop like he normally does with other teats. And because it works just the same as a boob and takes out all the air he didn't need winding afterwards either. No wind to bring up!"  

The Anywayup Cow Cup is completely non-spill and encourages toddlers to drink regularly when on the moveso is ideal for the out and about category. It has a snap on lid and the easy-to-grip handles that make the cup manageable for small hands and the spout allows a child to sip without spilling as it delivers liquid past the teeth to help reduce dental caries.

When the testing process was complete, one of the Right Start testers reported: ‘The cup doesn’t leak and the design is such that babies can’t drink too fast; a good learning aid. The cow-patch pattern is very cool!’

We think it’s very cool too!  Thank you Right Start.

For further product information go to HabermanBaby.com