Impressed by Mandy Haberman’s reputation in both the medical and commercial markets, the global success of her Anywayup cup, and keen to achieve similar market share in the weaning cup and drinking products market, PIGEON SHANGHAI CO., LTD has commissioned Haberman to develop a new range of premium cup products designed to position the Pigeon brand as the authority on infant weaning skills. 

 The first range to be unveiled is the new Pigeon Training Master Drinking Cup series developed as a result of this collaboration. The range will be previewed publicly at the 22nd Children Baby Maternity Expo (CBME 2023) in Shanghai. The Pigeon Nipple Cup and Training Cup will be launched in early 2024 and the next two straw cups in the Training Master Drinking cup range will follow later in the year.


PIGEON SHANGHAI CO. LTD, is Asia’s market leader in baby bottles. The Pigeon Corporation manufacture, sell, import and export baby and childcare products, maternity items, women’s and nursing care products, home healthcare; and operate child-minding centres.

About Haberman

Haberman Global Innovations (HGI) is a British company founded by Mandy Haberman and built on over 35 years of inspirational innovation. Dedicated to bringing to market innovative baby and toddler feeding products, it works with partners, parents, medical professionals and feeding experts, to develop premium products that deliver unique solutions to satisfy real needs. HGI develops intellectual property, bringing new ideas to market, then further exploiting rights through licensing agreements with business partners worldwide.