On 25 June 2015, Mandy Haberman, inventor and founder of Haberman, was admitted, along with six others, as a Freeman to the Guild of Entrepreneurs, a new City of London Guild comprising men and women who have invested their own money and time in establishing and running successful businesses.  

Grace was offered by The Guild Chaplain, Rev. Bertrand Olivier. The Lord Mayor was represented by Foundation Master, Alderman Sir Paul Judge and guest speaker was Founder Freeman Sir Rod Aldridge, OBE, FRSA who explained his own entrepreneurial journey and the role of education which he spearheads through The Aldridge Foundation

The banquet was preceded by a ceremonial court at which seven freemen were admitted and the evening concluded with the Master’s hospitality of a Stirrup Cup. 

The seven new Freemen (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Leslie Blustin

  • Nathaniel Burke

  • Mandy Haberman

  • Elizabeth Hunt

  • Thomas Simmonds

  • Patrick Swint

  • Carrie Kwan Waley

The Guild of Entrepreneurs aims to:

  • promote excellence in the profession of Entrepreneurship

  • support the Lord Mayor, encourage the growth of the City and promote its full potential to Entrepreneurs and growth businesses

  • foster fellowship among entrepreneurs

  • give money and time for charitable works that support the development of Entrepreneurs and help to bring the opportunities of Entrepreneurship to young people.

Commenting on the event, Mandy Haberman said:

"I am delighted to be honoured alongside fellow successful entrepreneurs as a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and it was good to see them following the rules, revered customs and historic traditions of the Guild.  As entrepreneurs, by nature we are rule breakers who achieve success because we think outside the box, so it is good to sometimes do things differently!"